Our Brands

JNTC’s brands are relatively new names but already now known around the globe.Our brands are built on consumer needs and expectations, and offer exceptional quality and value.

Some of our competitors brands are decades – or even centuries – old, and many are leaders in their respective categories.

We challenge these old brands with fresh new brand propositions that stand out from the crowd.

Brands that make a difference!


The Zibb brand is the perfect combination of a modern dynamic brand name and a trendy yet classy design.

Available as: Cigarettes and Rolling Tobaccos.


Metropolis offers a combination of a modern yet classic brand name and a design which has elements of both modern and ancient urban times, when the first big cities with sky scrapers were first created.

It is quite different from any other brand.

Available as: Cigarillos and Cigarettes.


Roadhouse stands for the long endless roads in the American states with alongside these old routes the typical American roadhouses where the long distance traveller can find rest and comfort.

On their way to the next state or city.

Available as: Rolling Tobaccos and Cigarettes


The Sweetarillo brand was created for a great new range of high quality American Little Cigars, manufactured in the U.S.A.

A range of American little cigars, European filter cigarillos and tip cigars in various sweet flavours.

Manufactured by Plantation House Cigar Inc., U.S.A.

Available as: Filter Cigarillos, Tip Cigars and American Little Cigars.

Virginia Spring

Virginia Spring stands for the green fields of Virginia which gave its name to this type of tobacco. Virginia Spring is a quality roll your own tobacco made in Europe.

Available as: Rolling Tobaccos.


The LEE brand was created for a great range of high quality American Little Cigars, manufactured in the U.S.A.
A range of American filter cigarillos in various flavours.
Manufactured by Plantation House Cigar Inc., in the U.S.A.

Available as: American little cigars and tip cigars.

High Five

High Five is a brand that was developed for a new trendy colourful range of cigarettes.

Available as: Flavoured Cigarettes.

BLACK VESSEL Flavoured Cigarettes

The Black Vessel brings together the traditional world of tobacco and the naval world, where smoking a pipe used to be an old tradition.

Available as: Pipe Tobaccos, Flavoured Cigarettes and American Little Cigars.


VIBES was created as a premium flavoured cigarette range, with a unique design which reflects the turbulent atmosphere of the City (City Vibes) and the tranquility of the Country side (Country Vibes)

Available as: Flavoured Cigarettes.