About JNTC

Johannes Nieboer Tobacco Company, JNTC in short, was founded in 2001 to bring high-quality innovative tobacco products to consumers around the globe.

JNTC develops and markets brands which are highly innovative and that fulfil the needs of today’s consumers.

JNTC provides an impressive product and brand variety. Thanks to its experience of many years in the tobacco industry and thanks to specific market knowledge, JNTC is continuously setting new standards by extending the product range with interesting new concepts and brands.
Most suppliers offer only one or two product categories, while JNTC offers all types of tobacco products.

The main reason for international partners choosing to distribute JNTC brands today is the fact that JNTC stands for flexibility and interesting sales opportunities in a rather static and traditional tobacco environment, with few novelties and hardly any new brands.

Every year JNTC sells its various tobacco products through its partners in over 50 countries worldwide. JNTC is a family business and therefore highly flexible and most dedicated to increase the business by supporting and maintaining good relationships with its partners. Every year new partners join the JNTC network.

In view of the trend of concentration in the tobacco industry, leaving practically only the large multinational companies as suppliers to the markets world-wide, JNTC offers a good alternative with brands that really make a difference.


J.N.T.C. Trompenburg B.V.
De Zodde 20B
1231MB Loosdrecht
The Netherlands

Phone +31 356569004
Fax +31 356569005